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The Benefits of Contacting Top Deck
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When you're setting up trade show booths, if you're always left wondering why people are attracted to other trade show displays while completely ignoring yours, it might have nothing to do with your product or theirs, it might have nothing to do with showmanship and salesmanship and pricing and marketing, it might simply be that your trade show display doesn't do much for you. Here are a few of the most important factors in setting up great trade show booths.



Booth Location


Booth location is really quite important. If you can afford the prime location and haven't booked a spot yet, then you'll want to take a moment to really consider location. If this isn't an option, then luckily, you can make up for a weakness in location with other strengths, but you'll really be off to a great start if you can book a prime spot for your TD display.


Don't Cram Your Display


A big mistake that first-timers at trade shows always seem to make is cramming their display with every single product they offer, stacks and stacks of brochures, booklets and literature, two monitors showing off the videos they had produced and so on and on. Keep it small and keep it simple. A handful of really great samples should be enough to generate leads and bring a potential client in.


There is something to be said for salesmanship, for putting on a bit of a show, but overloading the walker-by's senses isn't how you go about it. Keep it tasteful.


Accessibility is key, as well. If you have a promotional giveaway with forms for people to fill out, free food, or free samples, make sure people can access it right away without having to reach for it, ask you for one or elbow their way through a crowd.




The very last thing you want to use at your booth is a hand painted sign. Okay, there are some exceptions. If you're at a farmer's market and want to suggest an old-timey, rustic kind of atmosphere while selling crates of apples, hand-painted will do fine. This is really about it, though. If you want to look professional, then look professional.


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